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Birthplace: United States
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Ethnicity: Latina
Birthday:July 1
Added: Mar 25th 2016

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NoriNoriNoriNoriGroobyNewbie Nori Femout Debut - Nori has just begun her transition and is still getting used to dressing out in public. She's naturally feminine and incredibly sexy. Long legs. Naturally smooth. A very feminine voice and a beautiful face. She'll be on hormones and fully transiNoriNori

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Nori is simply amazing with her stunning natural feminine beauty, her nice legs and a yummy girlie cock ready to turn itself into a cum sprinkler! Watch Nori as she boasts her stroking skills until she sprinkles cum.This pretty and horny tgirl babe will sure drive your dick nuts as her feminine beauty is exceptional. Check her big tasty cock it will surely make you wild and make your eyes pop as she plays with it seductively.NORI! A gorgeous young Buddy girl with super pretty features, a slender, femme physique and a WHOPPING big portion of sizzling hot girlie fun in her panties - this Cali cutie is an absolute starlet and we've been just itching to get her second set out to our faithful Femout fans! We'll be keeping a very watchful eye on this fresh faced beauty in the coming months - ain't she just awesome! Fucking yeah! She´s so damn pretty, her thick cock and her ass is just deliciously sexy. Her strip teasing is just the best and the way she plays her cock is absolutely incredible. She shows her fully naked body making all your cocks hard as rock and the sight of her ass truly is amazing.Looking very excited in her scene today, Nori is certainly going to have those of you who are in to rough sex going crazy over her hotness! She has one of the most amazing bodies with luscious long legs, beautiful ass and a gorgeous cock that shoots milky cum!Nori has just begun her transition and is still getting used to dressing out in public. She's naturally feminine and incredibly sexy. Long legs. Naturally smooth. A very feminine voice and a beautiful face. She'll be on hormones and fully transitioning soon and I can't wait to see her blossom into the hot young girl she wants to be.

tila laloca


Apr 18th 2018 12:13 PM

would love to have her for a weekend just me and my dick and her tight ass and mouth.

--ron    ,United States
Apr 10th 2018 9:12 AM

If you're reading this beautiful Nori..I bet you're a great kisser and a great partner. I'd make love to you. I'd really enjoy every milliseconds with you every day. I'd swallow your cum and piss every day. I'd never get tired of you. You are so beautiful. We can do each other, 69 too. Threesomes too. I love you. I'd cry cumming inside of you.

--fukyeah7777    ,United States
Mar 15th 2018 11:03 AM

I'm 100% sure that I speak for the overwhelming majority of her fans when I say that we hope and pray that her absence isn't due to getting awful looking globular breast implants that will be out of proportion with her slim build. Please come back Nori! Please don't change a thing surgically!

--Ron C    ,United States
Mar 12th 2018 2:04 PM

Unfairly gorgeous

--Jacob2000    ,United States
Dec 31st 2017 1:10 AM

I love her.

--ChiefIronhand    ,United States
Dec 16th 2017 5:53 PM

PLEASE imulate AT&T and give us MORE

--Elvis    ,United States
Sep 9th 2017 6:15 AM

a sexy babe with a sexy love hole and sexy cock amazing body very good looking want her to myself.

--gerry cocklover    ,Ireland
Sep 6th 2017 2:32 PM

Nori is a 10 if I've ever seen one. I'd love suck that gorgeous cock and have her cumm all over my face, I want her to gag me with that bad boy. What a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 6th 2017 4:20 AM

Perfect girl. Good to see she hasn't gotten nasty fake tits yet. That's always such a tunroff. Hope she stays natural and hard for years to cum.

--Mike loving hardons
Sep 3rd 2017 11:37 PM

If i thought she would read this I would leave contact info for her to get at me...Nori please don't do anything to your body...You are just naturally feminine..Gorgeous face pretty feet pretty dick...I'm ATTRACTED to you cause you look like a pretty woman..Naturally stay that way,you are so passable...I can't say I would date many Transgenders but yes I would u..

--Chi Town
Sep 3rd 2017 4:28 PM

her face is perfect, she so cute

--mmm    ,Macau
Sep 3rd 2017 4:13 PM

My God! She is perfect!!!! Don't change a thing!!! I wanna bareback her so bad!

Sep 3rd 2017 3:10 PM

Nori u have amazed me again i want ur hard cock to suck on lick and suck on ur nipples and then eat out ur arse my cock is rock hard for then fuck for hours....maybe even days!!!

--Ladyboy lover    ,Australia
Aug 31st 2017 12:12 PM

She has a beautiful head on the end of her respectable pole!

--Gorka's Ghost
Jul 11th 2017 4:32 PM


--CLUB    ,United States
Jun 9th 2017 9:35 PM

No way. Her cock is perfect because it is cut and doesn't have some nasty skin obstructing our view of that amazing head!

--MD    ,United States
May 17th 2017 4:42 AM

If she had a juicy uncut dick, holly fuck it would be a absolute dream

--Mark    ,Croatia
May 15th 2017 12:36 PM

True beauty_A queen !

--Love_TS    ,South Africa
Apr 14th 2017 4:02 PM

The t-gurls keep getting prettier every month on the web and in real life. Genetic girls will soon be obsolete. Be sane and safe, my love, and tonight we will make love in my dreams.

--Ch    ,United States
Apr 12th 2017 10:37 AM

Nori, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I would love to spend my life with you, get married to you and spend our lives happy in each others company. You are perfect in everyway and there is nothing I would not love about you in fact I already do feel in love with you.xxxxxxxxxxx

--Stewart    ,Great Britain
Apr 10th 2017 6:23 PM

Wow. Just speechless. Absolute beauty.

--ChiefIronhand    ,United States
Apr 10th 2017 8:16 AM

Incredibly beautiful

--yt    ,United States
Apr 9th 2017 9:05 AM

Somebody needs to bring this girl up to the show. She is ready. We need a hardcore of her getting that pretty ass smashed by some lucky dude. She is a complete and total babe.

--Sgt Steel    ,United States
Apr 9th 2017 7:35 AM

A pair of small titties would make her perfect. I'd pay for them

--George    ,United States
Apr 8th 2017 10:01 PM

very cute and sexy.that fine Cook I want to suck

--max sweden    ,Sweden
Apr 8th 2017 5:12 PM

She keeps looking better and better. Her new sets look amazing. Wow.

--Derik    ,Canada
Apr 8th 2017 6:20 AM

Nori u are infections with that smile and shaved body i would eat ur arse and lick and suck ur balls and then ream u hard until u beg for my hot load inside u

--Ladyboy lover    ,Australia
Apr 7th 2017 6:42 PM

though she is fine, anonymous, unlike you, I will not be drinking any piss.

--dong    ,United States
Apr 7th 2017 12:07 PM

She's just more cuter and cuter! Where's the limit?

--Laufer    ,Serbia
Apr 6th 2017 6:47 PM

Wow! I'm happy we get to see more of this girl.

--Hunter    ,United States
Apr 6th 2017 4:51 PM


--Mr. X    ,Italy
Apr 6th 2017 2:27 PM

Hell yeah, my girl Nori came out with some new pics. to buta nut to!!! I love you girl!! So sexy cute!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Mar 12th 2017 5:12 PM

Awesome babe! We need to see some of her new sets.

--Ron C    ,United States
Nov 26th 2016 10:47 PM

Petite girls with big dicks can get it too she's gorgeous I love Nori

--WavyD    ,United States
Nov 21st 2016 12:06 AM

She fine as hell!!!!!!!!

--TBone    ,United States
Aug 29th 2016 3:13 PM

Nori,I love jacking off to your hard dick and cute face, you always make me bust a nut!!! I love you!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Aug 25th 2016 6:32 AM

So pretty and sexy.

--andrew_vosaruy    ,Russian Federation
Jun 21st 2016 10:11 AM

So slender so sexy. cute toes so yummy.

--Biggy    ,Canada
May 25th 2016 9:33 PM

She's got a really hot body and a pretty face.

--Maurice    ,United States
May 15th 2016 4:53 PM

Oh Nori be my wife I have sex with you right now,love your new pics girl love you so much !!!!

--roaddogg    ,United States
May 12th 2016 12:18 PM

I want moreeee of this girl

--James    ,Croatia
May 11th 2016 8:19 PM

Your dick brings my penis-lust to a whole new level...... geeez I'm a horny little faggott

--bobbii    ,Hong Kong
Apr 5th 2016 10:01 PM

You have the face of an angel smiling with sin and the body of Venus with arms,I really wanna touch you a touch too much! Damn girl you so sexy!!!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Apr 3rd 2016 3:55 PM

Beautiful, wife for real ,cum in her every day won't miss a day and night, and i'll show her off too everyone, your so gorgeous Nori.

--CEE CEE,NYC    ,United States
Apr 1st 2016 4:51 PM

I didnt leave much on my first comment due to the fact your sexy ass caught me off guard. You know your flawless when you DONT need to ADD or SUBTRACT ANYTHING. Your just BEAUTIFUL plan and simple.... a Victoria Secret MODEL FACE and BODY! If u did add anything..... you could get hormone breast.... not to big though. I just hope it doesnt affect that big pretty ass dick. I just think your fine as hell just the way you are. But shit who am i to tell you what to do with your body. Hope to see more body shots in the future.

--On the low wit it    ,United States
Mar 30th 2016 8:17 AM

I don't normally left comments cause I don't believe the person reads them,however Nori You Are A Doll... So very passable with a pretty dick & feet & Hands

--chi town    ,United States
Mar 30th 2016 7:09 AM

Great cock!!!

--MD    ,United States
Mar 29th 2016 9:27 PM

Oh my god I love you baby!!!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 10:24 PM

I like her dick. Nice legs and ass. I want to swallow the cum.

--Pehtonk The Godhead    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 6:35 PM


--On the low wit it    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 9:32 AM

Oh yea, i want some of her sweet asshole.

--Hunter    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 9:31 AM

I'd really like to fuck that ass

--Hunter    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 9:30 AM

Mmmm I want to fuck that sissy boy so hard

--Hunter    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 8:39 AM

Ay carumba!

--Mike V    ,United States
Mar 28th 2016 8:29 AM

Damn baby u are amazing. Dick got on automatic hard lookin at you. Ya body is perfect. And that asshole so clean and ready. Love that dick too I wanna slob on it so how you completed the look with painted pretty toes. Good slight make up...try different wigs on...

--Getitpoppin464ATGeemailDotCom    ,United States
Mar 27th 2016 6:41 AM

Pretty face, Big cock, sexy body! She hot!!

--J    ,United States
Mar 27th 2016 1:45 AM

Trop mignonne cette petite avec ses longues jambes , son jolie minois quant a sa queue ( je la kiffe grave )ses couilles et son cul ils sont a lécher sans retenue; Que ce doit être bon une bonne baise avec elle aussi bien en actif qu' en passif !!!!!

--francky    ,France
Mar 26th 2016 10:03 PM


--Rocky    ,Great Britain
Mar 26th 2016 9:37 PM


--auregasme    ,France
Mar 26th 2016 8:22 PM

Nori you are so beautiful I love you eyes, so cute. You have a sexy slim body and what a sexy long cock you have to suck on, I would spend hours licking your lovely asshole and kissing all over your nice tight balls!!!You are one foxy t-girl, I love you babe. I'll be using your pics a lot!!!! Keep us cummin' girl!!!!!!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Mar 26th 2016 7:55 PM

She is so sexy

--Detroit tranny lover    ,United States
Mar 26th 2016 12:25 PM

Her eyes are very beautiful

--Roll    ,Azerbaijan
Mar 26th 2016 4:39 AM

Another beauty from Femout. Keep up the work of finding the best boys that want to be gurls.

--ch    ,United States
Mar 25th 2016 11:49 PM

Ongoing what a beauty. Beautiful body Pretty face. I'm in LA, would love to sick that dick and kiss that pussy of yours

--Dizzle    ,United States
Mar 25th 2016 8:03 PM

What an incredible penis ! As Nori sits in a chair I ream her asshole with my tongue. Then I slurp and lick her tight nutsack. I work my tongue up the long shaft of her huge cock. I lick around the head and stick my tongue in her piss hole. "Hmm I've got something special for you baby" as she stands up with her immense penis hovering in front of my face. "Hold your mouth open" and when I do she begins pissing into it. She stops the piss stream with my mouth almost overflowing. I swallow and open my mouth again. "Good boy" she says as she resumes the stream of piss into my mouth. In between mouthfuls, I slide my lips up and down her piss slick cock. When she is drained, she starts fucking my mouth as deep as her cock will go. She spurts her load down my throat, pulls out and jacks her jizz onto my face, shoots her semen into a glass for me to drink or dumps her sperm onto the floor for me to lick up. "Hold that mouth open again baby, I've got more piss for you" and she resumes filling my mouth with her hot piss.

--anonymous    ,United States
Mar 25th 2016 7:36 PM

Delicious doll.

--Joe    ,Colombia

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