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AKA: Shiri Trap
Birthplace: United States
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday:December 22, 1992
Added: Jul 8th 2016

Views: 168273

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ShiriShiriShiriShiriShiriShiriRiver EnzaShiriShiriShiriShiriMandy Gets Cock Slapped in the Face as She Suck and Fuck 2 Cocks from Mike and ShiriShiriRiver EnzaShiriShiriBeautiful Redhead GroobyNewbie Shiri! - Shiri is a stunning redheaded tgirl with an amazing all natural body, hormone breasts, a sexy round bubble butt and a delicious cock! See this pretty transgirl stroking her cock and showing off her amazing butt!Shiri

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 : T62 Pt. 1River Enza is a submissive girl who is in love with Shiri's perfect size 9 feet. She likes her pretty soles and sucks on her toes before the two of them jackoff a huge dildo and pretend it's your dick!Shiri is a stunning redheaded tgirl with an amazing body, natural hormone tits with puffy pink nipples, a nice ass, rock hard cock and smooth skin! Watch this hot transgirl stroking her delicious cock for you!Gorgeous Shiri returns for an amazing hardcore scene! Shiri is a beautiful transgirl with a smoking hot all-natural body and a perfect tight ass! Watch her getting her sweet hole pounded hard bareback by Kai Bailey! : T62 Pt. 2A débutante and a site favourite smash this week's sensational scene as redhead sweetheart Shiri gets all wrapped up in sultry LA chick and Femout XXX star Elise Luxxx! Another Radius Dark production bursting at the seams with sizzling cock sucking, cum splooging, ass fucking, lip locking XXX TS action! Kick back, relax and enjoy the show.....River Enza and Shiri had just had sex earlier in the day, so they were completely comfortable with each other's delectable feet! They dirty talk as the give a sole show and then go sole to sole at the end of it all! Mandy Getting Fucked and Cocked in the Mouth by Mike and ShiriGrooby Girl of the Year returns! She made her debut in 2016 to become one of the hottest Grooby models in 2017. Just a few weeks ago at the TEA Show 2018, gorgeous Shiri was officially crowned with the Another Radius Dark production knocked out the park this week as we combine the dark skinned and seductive Tori Mayes with fair redhead cutie Shiri for a delicious swirl of TS naughtiness. Two beautiful young ladies who just couldn't keep their hands and tongues off each other's throbbing girl cocks and tight little asses from start to finish.It's time for a brand new episode of our Oh my....we've conjured up some pretty impressive combinations since our phenomenal launch just over a year ago and this one is certainly up there with the finest. Members of Grooby graduate site Shiri is a stunning redheaded tgirl with an amazing all natural body, hormone breasts, a sexy round bubble butt and a delicious cock! See this pretty transgirl stroking her cock and showing off her amazing butt!Superstar Shiri, just crowned the Shiri is a beautiful redheaded tgirl with an amazing all natural body, small hormone breasts with puffy nipples, a superb ass and a delicious cock! Watch this hot Grooby girl fucking herself with her butt plug and stroking her delicious cock!Mike and Shiri Tag Teams in Fucking All of Mandy’s Tight LIttle HolesGorgeous Shiri returns for an amazing hardcore scene! Shiri is a beautiful transgirl with a smoking hot all-natural body and a perfect tight ass! Watch her getting her sweet hole pounded hard by Kai Bailey!Gorgeous Shiri is here for an amazing hardcore scene! Shiri is a beautiful transgirl with a smoking hot all-natural body and a perfect tight ass! Watch her getting her sweet hole pounded hard bareback by Kai Bailey!Shiri shows off her sexy soles and amazing legs in this foot fetish master piece. Gorgeous Shiri returns for an amazing hardcore scene! Shiri is a beautiful transgirl with a smoking hot all-natural body and a perfect tight ass! Watch her getting her sweet hole pounded hard by Kai!A fan bought Shiri a pair of hot heels and she models them for a bit before slipping them off and showing off her sexy, size 9 soles with a lot of shots of the balls of her feet. Didn't know that was a thing, but if you love that, you'll love these pics!


Sep 12th 2018 2:20 AM

A wonderful lady. One of the beset.

--Cuddy Flintoff    ,Belgium
Aug 27th 2018 10:51 AM

This girl is so beautiful I want to lick every inch of her body then cum down my throat!!!

--Oral shemale lover    ,United States
Jun 29th 2018 10:36 PM

you r a beautiful woman

--stuart    ,United States
May 7th 2018 10:48 PM

Pornstar! jackoff to that ass!!!

--roaddogg    ,United States
May 7th 2018 7:38 AM

She is so gorgeous. Damn, she just keeps getting better. 9.75 out of 10. Definitely in my top 5.

--tranny scout    ,United States
May 6th 2018 2:05 PM

It's no surprise she has so many fans! That's some sweet young stuff!

--schizo    ,United States
May 6th 2018 9:11 AM

She doesn't look Transgener.It has very hot sex and is still beautiful and has a perfect voice

--Daniel    ,Brazil
Apr 28th 2018 4:23 AM

If she were my girlfriend it would seriously change my life. First - I'd tell all my friends and family she was trans. Second - I'd tell all my friends and family that I was sucking her cock, Eating her ass and breeding her on a daily basis.

--Arthur    ,United States
Apr 20th 2018 8:47 PM

love watching her top river enza....wish she'd top me....

--sst    ,United States
Mar 7th 2018 11:24 PM

Strawberry blonde,creamy white skin, gorgeous face: dreams begin...

--S, Worcester    ,United States
Mar 7th 2018 1:36 PM

I just can't get over how beautiful this succulent nymph is. Better than most biological women, all natural with flawless porcelain skin, and no tattoos, piercings, or scars! Perfect wife material. She is mesmerizing and makes me happy just looking at her. I never expected that the woman of my dreams would have a penis.

--Fitzwilliam    ,United States
Feb 12th 2018 1:32 AM

Jedna z najpiękniejszych kobiet młodego pokolenia transek, cudowna uroda i niesamowite ciało.

--cydży    ,Poland
Jan 18th 2018 7:10 AM

She is a great girl, just a pity that the ass does not work, but i guess that she still tops assholes...

--John Bull    ,Norway
Oct 5th 2017 7:11 PM

Nice, but overrated. In bad need of a pedicure!

--Ron C    ,United States
Sep 26th 2017 4:48 PM

I want to eat that sweet pink ass, and then suck those pretty toes while I'm fucking her missionary. Hope she doesn't succumb to pressure and get her boobs done. She's perfect as she is.

--Sgt Steel    ,Australia
Sep 3rd 2017 3:26 PM

Shiri is pretty much unique in this genre of porn. I was never attracted to 'shemales' until seeing her, and a handful of other exceptional models, because most of them looked horrible with ugly tattoos, horrible surgeries gone wrong, and of course, they had big nasty dicks. I have no idea why anyone attracted to the feminine beauty of shemales would be so obsessed with obviously male genitalia. But Shiri is special because of her perfect white skin, sexy curves, innocent looks, and especially no tats! If she had a vagina, she would the perfect woman. She's already a beauty queen, and exudes a classy vibe. I wish most natural-born women would learn from Shiri!

--Sliepnir    ,United States
Aug 31st 2017 11:38 AM

Gorgeous, stunning.....a total sex bomb

--brisy    ,Great Britain
Jun 19th 2017 8:17 AM

She could be the next Hazel Tucker

--Fireball    ,United States
Jun 4th 2017 4:28 PM

add 117477, 117479

--H.O.    ,Turkey
May 5th 2017 11:36 PM

Strawberry hair and big pink cock--luv her!

--Carlo    ,United States
Apr 28th 2017 4:20 AM

When I saw the threesome shoot with you and mandy Mitchell I honestly thought mandy was doing a threesome scene with a guy and a smoking hot natural woman, its was only when your pants came off that I saw you were a actually a smoking hot T girl. Absolutely beautiful and completely passable :)

--Tyce    ,Australia
Apr 21st 2017 12:43 PM

Рыжулька ты прелесть

--Игорь    ,Ukraine
Apr 20th 2017 10:49 PM

You are one pretty girl!

--roaddogg    ,United States
Apr 15th 2017 1:20 PM

it's great to see this wonderful young lady taking it bareback

--emilydivine    ,United States
Mar 28th 2017 7:07 PM

I'd like to make her cock disappear into my mouth.

--George    ,United States
Mar 14th 2017 3:29 PM


--Eddie    ,Brazil
Mar 12th 2017 8:08 AM

This girl is absolutely stunning! Every inch of this gorgeous lady is sexy and beautiful. Hope she doesn't change a thing for she's perfect as she is. This is the type of girl I want to make love to all day, everyday!

--John    ,United States
Mar 8th 2017 4:11 PM

Wow beautiful,super sexy she very nice

--Anne    ,Netherlands
Mar 2nd 2017 2:03 PM

She is beyond hot. I would love to suck on her toes and of course her dick, nipples, lips, ears, her tushie. She is who I dreamed about growing up and marrying.

--BiBri    ,United States
Mar 1st 2017 2:55 AM

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

--jimbo82    ,United States
Feb 26th 2017 12:32 PM

Shiri you are very beautiful, very sexy baby ... you captivate me with such femininity. As I would like to caress that skin, kiss all your delights and make you very happy.

--Reinaldo.    ,Colombia
Feb 25th 2017 6:18 PM

Damn she is freaking cute!! What her every day all day!!

--jt    ,United States
Feb 21st 2017 1:26 PM

Amy Adams with a cock! I'd lick her ass for hours.

--Nasso    ,United States
Feb 20th 2017 9:10 PM

Dam im sooooo happy you kept your natural look. You look like a beautiful woman that got a thick pretty dick added to her body. I cant believe my eyez

--7 1/2 inch black cock    ,United States
Feb 20th 2017 4:13 AM

will you marry me

--dusd    ,United States
Feb 17th 2017 9:57 PM

She has everything that I look for in a beautiful girl. Natural Beauty.she is absolute sweetness.

--Ziggy    ,United States
Feb 17th 2017 4:13 AM

I so want you Shiri. Let's get naked and roll around. I want to kiss your perfect pink puffy nipples and lick your beautiful ass hole before I fuck you and suck your cock off to squirt in my mouth. You are exquisite!!!

--Jack    ,United States
Feb 16th 2017 4:06 PM

About time she made it on here. She's been on Tumblr for quite sometime. Long enough for Christian to run through that. She goes by the name Shiri Trap.

--Jackson Hunt    ,United States
Feb 15th 2017 6:18 PM

Hot girl

--Hunter    ,United States
Feb 15th 2017 10:49 AM

Could make love to this beauty all day long

--brisy    ,Great Britain
Feb 15th 2017 10:26 AM

What a beautiful girl with a beautiful little pink asshole to suck!

--Rock    ,United States
Sep 7th 2016 9:40 PM

Like hump Shiri's hot little cherry

--Wolf ,USA    ,United States
Sep 6th 2016 5:04 AM

Absolutely love love love your puffy pink nipples.

--Jack    ,United States
Sep 5th 2016 11:29 PM

Oh what I would do to that ass.

--SuperTom    ,United States
Sep 5th 2016 11:15 PM


--Ras    ,United States
Sep 5th 2016 8:49 AM

Shiri will rocket to the top IF she avoids the huge unretractable mistakes most other Tgirls make...bleached hair, ugly boob jobs, tattoos, and steel through her lips...they become one of the crowd very quickly with that "used up old whore look". If she wants to be one of the crowd, no longer unique, she has the right to do that. If she wants to rule the shemale pornstar world, remain unique with her fresh, young, innocent, red hair, unblemished fair skin and teenage girl breasts, she needs to be smart and remain a natural beauty. I hope she does not ruin herself like so many others.

--jm    ,United States
Sep 5th 2016 8:26 AM

I came back for her new pics i want lick suck n fuck n remove the butt plug with my mouth after i tongue her sexy arse

--Ladyboy lover    ,Australia
Jul 25th 2016 3:07 PM

Deliciosa ummm

--Galo    ,France
Jul 21st 2016 5:11 PM

I would happy suck on ur tits dont change them i love em just the way they are. Nice arse and hard cock we could fuck n suck

--Ladyboy lover    ,Australia
Jul 21st 2016 3:27 AM

Just beautiful! Hope to see more of this babe.

--Dave    ,United States
Jul 13th 2016 2:02 AM

weow es saxy man?

--boyboy    ,United States
Jul 13th 2016 1:28 AM

Shiri ! You're stiff cock and puffy nipples are so sexy ! Along with your pretty face and that red hair, I bet you're a firecracker ? I want to make you explode in a glorious grand orgasm!

--Jack    ,United States
Jul 11th 2016 1:53 PM

What a beautiful girl. It's a shame she has been circumcised though.

--bnrslyr    ,United States
Jul 11th 2016 10:16 AM

OMG! she is perfect. hot as hell!

--noxa    ,Turkey
Jul 11th 2016 3:31 AM

You look like a sexy cheerleader of a pro football team. I agree with everybody on here. When a tgirl comes with this much endless natural beauty... jus leaves you speechless. That booty makes my cock throb like crazy. Love the way your beautiful thick cock stands straight up at a attention. Lets me know you were horny an really into it. Your perfect... PERIOD

--7 1/2 inch black cock    ,United States
Jul 10th 2016 7:34 AM

Very hot from head to toes! Would love to lick my way up that sexy body!

--Hotone    ,United States
Jul 10th 2016 7:12 AM

Wow, you are soooooo cute.

--DC    ,United States
Jul 9th 2016 10:29 PM

So gorgeous! Would love to taste her tip to toe!

--Big Mac    ,United States
Jul 9th 2016 7:52 PM

very nice

--wolf    ,United States
Jul 9th 2016 4:38 PM

Shiri is absolutely perfect. Please don't ever change a thing on that beautiful body of yours. Please show more pictures of that exquisite body of yours. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures of that sexy body of yours with all of us. I bet everyone had the biggest hard on's when they saw your pictures. Thank you again for posting them, looking forward to seeing a lot more of you.

--Dreamer    ,Canada
Jul 9th 2016 11:35 AM

WOW what a cutie... unbelievable.

--Paul    ,Finland
Jul 9th 2016 7:46 AM

More of this goddess and more of those toes!

--Tom    ,United States
Jul 9th 2016 7:26 AM

That pic of her sitting on the couch with her erect cock pointing at the ceiling...OMG! I'm Hooked Forever!

--Art    ,United States
Jul 9th 2016 2:02 AM

On peut difficilement trouver un ensemble plus harmonieux. N'en doutons pas, Tu vas faire des ravages parmi les nombreux fans que tu vas t'attirer. En tout cas, en ce qui me concerne, c'est déjà fait : je suis intégralement sous ton charme !! Et, surtout, ne change rien : tout est déjà parfait en toi.

--Alain    ,France
Jul 8th 2016 8:09 PM

Great nipples and nice erect cock !!

--Jack    ,United States
Jul 8th 2016 6:44 PM

I love this babe, beautiful feet I love them.

--Fireball    ,United States
Jul 8th 2016 6:18 PM

Perfect. Please don't ruin yourself with fake breasts. Just simply PERFECT.

--Mr Happy    ,Romania
Jul 8th 2016 6:02 PM

So gorgeous

--Nick    ,United States
Jul 8th 2016 3:56 PM

Stunningly beautiful.

--MaybeOneDay    ,United States
Jul 8th 2016 2:24 PM

Love this sexy redhead. She's a natural beauty, hope she stays that way and doesn't go overboard.

--Tday    ,United States
Jul 8th 2016 1:32 PM

Very hot! Let me suck on your boner!

--Johnny    ,Canada
Jul 8th 2016 9:23 AM

They don't come more prettier!

--ace    ,Denmark
Jul 8th 2016 8:50 AM

Wow..super sexy, more pics asap...

--brisy    ,Great Britain
Jul 8th 2016 8:44 AM

daily tounge bath for this cock and ass.

--yt    ,United States

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